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In answering the question as one casual viewer to another I would say it is very rare and doesn’t ever happen with BD media or quality streaming media from Netflix or Amazon it is rare but I have seen issues with stuff like streaming YouTube video I see it with certain content. IMO it is not enough of a problem to seek out a different projector that would correct the problem. Please enlighten me how does it sync to the glasses. I wonder if an Optoma 3D glasses will work on this. Got a dead Optoma HD33 and looking at getting a 143X for replacement. But now I'm swayed by this unit after reading reviews.

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Ware House Federation organised a two day free Medical Eye Camp at Ware House. Honourable MLC Ashok Khajuria and MLA Rajesh Gupta were the chief guests on the occasion. he eye camp is being organised with the collaboration of Centre for eye sight Rehari Chungi. The team of doctors was led by Dr. Sudesh Raina and Dr. Farah Deeba.


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The Wall will not fall in this episode, but he still believes it will happen next season. Cersei's trial is help at the Sept of Baelor, but Cersei does not show up, locking herself up in the Red Keep. Meanwhile, the sept is full of people who are attending the trial, including the High Sparrow, Margaery and Loras. Cersei and Qyburn ignite the cache of wildfire that is under the Sept, completely destroying it. Pycelle almost finds out about her plan, but they send the little birds to kill Pycelle in order to stop him from blowing their plan. Distraught after the explosion, Tommen commits suicide by jumping out of a window of the Red Keep.


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Chapter 110: Temporary Reprieve Chapter 111: The reality of the wave Chapter 112: Interloper Chapter 113: The Vigil Chapter 114: The bleary days preceding the panic Chapter 115: Retreat from danger Chapter 116: Body of Iron, Heart of Flame Chapter 117: Raid Chapter 118: The furious Tiny, the delectable feast. Chapter 119: Breaching the surface Chapter 120: Cultural exchange Chapter 121: Whoops Chapter 122: New home Chapter 123: New territory Chapter 124: Strange new life Chapter 125: It all comes back to mana Chapter 126: Just so skillful Chapter 127: Embers Chapter 128: Core farming Chapter 129: Transform and roll out Chapter 130: Whispers in the dark Chapter 131: Flee from fire. Chapter 133: Digging is the song of my soul Chapter 134: Once more into the breach Chapter 135: Rising Chapter 136: Brawlin' Chapter 137: The beating goes on. Chapter 138: Family Chapter 139: Monster unleashed Chapter 140: The human menace Chapter 141: The Queen Chapter 142: The path forward Chapter 143: Mind games Chapter 144: Talking points Chapter 145: Flames rising Chapter 146: The mini escapade Chapter 147: small fish, small pond Chapter 148: The risk, the reward Chapter 149: Desperate Times. Chapter 168: Salad ala carte Chapter 169: Stairway to Biomass Chapter 170: Field trip ends, itching begins Chapter 171: Laying the foundation Chapter 172: Core, what is it good for. When Crinis revives, I put her on guard duty and take Tiny topside.


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About all it has going for it is a decent cast who try hard to lift it out of its mediocrity, but there was only so much they could do. This is not the worst sci-fi movie ever made, but it's far, far from the best, or even good. How do you make a sequel to 2001 that retains the same kind of impact? You don't. Clarke tried to do that - why should the filmmakers in 2010. As it is, I believe the filmmakers accomplished exactly what they set out to do, and wonderfully so.