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One wobbly dash back to the Majestic and he had the lantern in his hand again, thinking “to hell with it-to hell with us” and striking a match. What did it matter? They already knew where he was. That much was obvious from the rising wail that now rang from every quarter. Faces were leaning up now, lurching and lifting on elbows, rising and grabbing for purchase on the platform and soon they were going to find it.

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In storygames where the game objective is absent or too ambiguous, we suggest that opportunities for the player to deepen their attachment to the characters through meaningful expression of the playable character’s personality traits should be provided. Meaningful expression is not a matter of what the character does and what happens to the story when players make choices, but rather, how the character does it and how this reflects on the playable character. As such, identi? ation occurs when players look at what the playable character should achieve through the game objectives, before they partake in any performative actions aligned with the playable character’s traits. A player’s sense of perceived agency can then be viewed as their ability and willingness to partake in meaningful expression of the playable character’s personality traits within constraints, which results in the creation of a unique playable character that is theirs alone.


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Illustrated. Clean and Unmarked Text: Scholastic 1988, ISBN: 0590421778. Through Crisis, Inner Strength Techniques, Methods, Explained, Death, Personal. Transfinite Man: a Science Fiction Novel by the Author. No Dust Jacket.


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The unreconstructed South The South's infrastructure had been destroyed - manufacturing had almost ceased. Few banks were solvent and in some areas starvation was imminent. Black codes Restrictions on the freedom of former slaves, passed by Southern governments. Texas v. White 1869 - Argued that Texas had never seceded because there is no provision in the Constitution for a state to secede, thus Texas should still be a state and not have to undergo reconstruction.