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Oak Park, III. AT ONCE Trainer who can work and train Chimps. RED DAVIS, of Philippi, W. Va. motored to Washington, D. C. where he saw the Big One May 16.


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(But if i remember correctly, blackfish had actually escaped in the book). I've never seen so much scene assassination than with this kingsmoot It was supposed to be a gathering of all the iron born for a giant feast Each candidat bringing riches and treasure for all ironborn to see. You're really just being regressive to an extreme degree. Why should the northern lords rally to a woman who betrayed her family and married into their killers. The selective historical accuracy on this show drives me nuts. In reality, we knew Cersei wasn't actually going to go along with the truce, we figured Littlefinger would meet his end sooner rather than later, it was all but confirmed that Jon was the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and it was inevitable that the wall (or one section of the wall) was going to come down by season's end. So really, the 4 biggest shocks or twists from the episode weren't all that surprising, but it's the execution that counts.


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Librettist David Henry Hwang and composer Huang Ruo discuss their collaboration with Nancy Yao Maasbach, president of the Museum of Chinese in America, prior to the opera's premiere in Saint Louis. Presented in association with the Museum of Chinese in America, New York. An experiential entertainment about our private pleasures. For performance times, please visit worksandprocess. rg. After interviewing neuroscientists, sociologists, addiction experts, and therapists, writer and performer Christopher Green presents an immersive theater experience inviting audiences to attend a fictional self-help group that takes a playful look at how sex and pornography are consumed. uestioning theside effects of porn, Green asksaudiences to consider if society is in the grip of anactual addiction or a moral panic.


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Tywin makes it clear that he considers Jaime his heir - despite the fact that as a Kingsguard member, Jaime has officially renounced all rights to inheritance. Tyrion previously noted that he is next in line of succession after Jaime, as a younger son inherits before an older daughter, but Tywin said he would never let his hated dwarf son be his heir. Cersei points out that (as she is next in line of succession) maybe Tywin should consider her the real heir to his legacy, not his sons. She claims she is the only one of his children who ever took his lectures on family and legacy seriously. Tywin confirms that he excludes Cersei from his plans, but not because she is a woman: he distrusts her because she isn't nearly as smart as she thinks she is. He sneers that she has allowed Joffrey to run roughshod over her, the city and its people, and that he intends to rein in his grandson's deranged behavior. Cersei says she is afraid of the growing influence of the Tyrells at court, and something must be done about them.