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Man, I really want to do a fake leak that, I dunno, my friend is working doing something I can't reveal without giving away what she does, and it's all hush hush, but she worked on a set of scenes where Bran goes back in time and changes things, and Brandon Stark lives, and Catelyn marries him and is miserable and Lysa never marries Jon and never goes to the snake pit that is King's Landing, and we see Catelyn turn out all ugly 20 years late and Lysa turn out all happy and well-adjusted. And they snuck in the actresses who played Catelyn and Lysa, it was all hush hush and really kept under wraps really well. Their scene is really, really short, because they hired younger actresses to play them in their late teens. And my friend said that when Bran sees what becomes of Catelyn, he is horrified, but he no longer exists in the real world, he can't go back into the real world to fix anything back, and he's stuck in this pane where he just watches and talks to people and his power weakens so that he has to be near a weirwood tree in order to be heard, and that's what sparks the the Old Gods religion. I know they’re crap, but I find the back-and-forth comments to be highly entertaining.

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“It’s triumphed over the adversity that it’s faced and it’s become something beautiful,” resident Christine Lekovich said. The weed sprouted up in the summer and made it into the fall. Somebody recently decorated the weed for Christmas. A graphic designer even made T-shirts featuring the weed and all proceeds go to needy families, according to WBTV. Visit the Cone Weed’s Facebook page for more details.


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